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  • 2 weeks are included in your rental price, over 2 weeks is a $10 per day rental fee

  • Dumpsters are NOT automatically picked up at the 2-week mark, please call when you are done with your dumpster

  • After 2 weeks, rental will be charged in weekly increments with your prepayment method (credit card)

  • A $25 service fee is charged when you ask to have dumpster picked up and driver arrives and it is blocked by a car, building materials, etc. (keep dumpster area cleared between the hours of 7:30am-3pm)

  • TV's/Mattresses/Boxsprings/Computers/Air Conditioners/Propane Tanks/Refrigerators and Tires accrue additional costs

  • With two week's notice, we can guarantee you a dumpster for your project

  • Base charges will be prepaid by the customer before roll-off container delivery. Customer agrees to pay additional charges (if applicable) for unauthorized material in roll-off container, over-limit fees, rental, or Newport Bridge tolls. These fees will be charged to the customer’s prepayment method (credit card) when the dumpster is picked up

  • ALL material MUST NOT be loaded any higher than level with the top of the roll-off container

  • Frazier's Disposal shall not be responsible for damage to the Customer’s pavement or other surfaces where the dumpster is placed. We DO NOT recommend placement on grass or dirt surfaces

  • The customer warrants that the waste or material placed in the roll-off container will not contain any unacceptable, hazardous, toxic, or radioactive wastes or substances as defined by federal, state, and local law or regulation, if found in roll-off container, the material will be returned to the customer and extra charges will be applied

  • Brick (ie: chimney), Stone (ie: patios) & Concrete (ie: stairs) CAN NOT be placed in the dumpster, yard debris CAN be 

  • The customer acknowledges that it has the care, custody, and responsibility for the roll-off container while it is on your premises. Any damage to the container while on your property is the customer's responsibility

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